Custom Alloy Sales, Inc.

Manufacturing and distributing the widest array of recycled and primary casting alloys in the USA.

Since 1969, Custom Alloy Sales, Inc., formally known as “Custom Alloy Light Metals,” has supplied North America’s die casting and foundry industries with quality aluminum and zinc alloys, building the only combined recycled aluminum smelter and zinc / za alloy supplier on the West Coast. As the Western U.S.’s only 100% specialized ingot producer, we’re committed to providing all alloys to our customers – on time, every time.

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What Sets Us Apart

Committed to quality & integrity. Driven by customer satisfaction.


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Aluminum & Zinc Ingots - Custom Alloyed to Your Exact Specifications

From aerospace to automotive to industrial, we have the aluminum and zinc alloy to meet your requirements.

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In addition to the standard Aluminum Association and Zinc Industry specifications, Custom Alloy Sales, Inc. can make just about any customer specified alloy or variation.

Your Partner Every Step of the Way

Strict Quality Control

From inspecting raw materials to control testing and sampling as the alloy progresses to the final pour, we monitor ingot quality at every stage. All samples are analyzed per A.S.T.M. specifications and calibration standards are traceable to N.I.S.T. Two laboratories – one in production and one main lab – are equipped with three atomic emission spectrometers to ensure consistent quality.

Custom Tailored Scrap Handling Service

Our fleet is fully equipped to handle your generation of scrap metal. From small in-plant containers to large roll-off bins, we will custom tailor a scrap handling system to best fit your needs. On top of purchasing your scrap metal, we also offer a tolling service to convert your scrap back into specification alloy ingot.

Just-in-Time Delivery

Operating our own fleet, we offer next-day delivery West of the Rockies. Whether you require just-in-time deliveries – or need us to work out a regularly scheduled shipment – a Custom Alloy truck will be there when you need it.

Offsite Warehousing & Inventory Management

Operating two warehouses in the industrial heart of Southern California and maintaining warehouses and/or distributorships nationwide, we pride ourselves on our ability to assist customers with their costs and inventory maintenance by our just-in-time delivery capabilities.

Total Customer Support

Our staff is available to offer assistance at any point of the customer process.

  • Metal handling/dross reduction
  • Melting cost analysis
  • Alloy data and specification cross reference
  • Casting defect analysis
  • Spectrochemical analysis
  • Foundry Health and Safety consulting
  • Environmental consulting

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